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Our database and our 360-degree approach will enable us to accurately respond to your real estate problems.


Our capital, held exclusively by our operational President, guarantees the neutrality of our recommendations.

Our positioning without conflict of interest (refusal of any letting mandates) allows us to best defend our clients' interests.

Our ability to widen the availability of buildings: 

1 / based on our unique real estate database to identify known and unknown buildings (future vacant buildings, speculative schemes that have not yet begun, etc.), 

2 / by adjusting the initial functional program, if necessary, or by bypassing the technical and spatial constraints of the buildings thanks to the experience of our expert partners in workspaces.

Our ability to obtain off-market conditions:

1 / by effectively enforcing competition among all owners,

2 /  by mastering financial and legal engineering

Our remuneration method meets the expectations of our clients, with fees varying according to the performance of the deal.


A methodological approach in 3 steps:
Step 1


An analysis of the existing situation over various axes: 

An analysis of the existing situation over various axes:

- Finance: Full rental cost, market rent (after detailed market survey)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Social: location of employees and analysis of transport time                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Legal: comparison of current leases with best practices, estimation of exit costs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - Competition: real-estate strategy of the main competitors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Space: efficiency of current sites (shape and depth of floorplates, common areas, occupation ratio ...)

Step 2


An analysis of the real estate offer:

- Based on precise specifications (building characteristics, environment, date and cost criteria, company image, etc.)                                                                                                                                                                              - Including a weighted comparative rating and, if necessary, capacity fit-out test for a typical floor                                                                                                                                                                                                              - Based on an exclusive property database at Strategies and Corp that covers both marketed supply as well as "off market" supply 

Step 3


Negotiating the best financial and legal terms for short-listed sites:

- With the expertise to go above and beyond simple letting contracts (using pending resale as leverage and search for subtenants, …)                                                                                                                                                  - Mastering complex financial package (sub-lease capitalization, cash out optimization, “credit-bail”, ...)                                                                                                                                                                                                    - Including negotiation of the best clauses in terms of flexibility, rental cost and warranties owing to our tax and legal expertise (free subletting, included maintenance, commitment to update to new standards, restitution terms, first demand bank guarantees under French law, etc.)

Christophe Lagier Directeur conseil aux entreprises

Christophe Lagier

Mail : Tel : (+33)1 45 63 76 38 Mobile : (+33)6 03 79 73 20


7 000 m2
2 300 m2
5 900 m2
4 150 m2
13 000 m2
1 800 m2
3 500 m2
12 000 m2
20 000 m2
1 000 m2
10 000 m2
14 000 m2
8 000 m2
10 000 m2
10 000 m2
60 à 80 000 m2
21 500 m2
7 700 m2
16 500 m2
22 000 m2
8 200 m2
5 400 m2
1 600 m2
10 000 m2
4 600 m2
1 000 m2
5 000 m2
25 000 m2
33 000 m2
5 300 m2
28 000 m2
8 000 m2
5 000 m2
2 500 m2
7 500 m2


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We believe in an alliance of complementary skills rather than an integrated model, with assignments efficiently coordinated by Strategies and Corp.
Since 2012 Génie des lieux

Génie des Lieux is an independent consultancy firm experienced in the transformation of working environments.

For 20 years, Génie des Lieux has been a multidisciplinary firm, made up of six entities that allow us to assist you with your projects: layout, ergonomics, interior architecture, change management (Génie des Lieux Conseil), transfer management (Mouvement Conseil), services in the working environment (Marque Bureaulib), a research and experimentation programme (Génie Le Lab) and 3D visualization / Spacio IT solutions, occupancy audits / Mesurflex and Transfer Management / Dragus and Mobility / Connexia (System Engineering).

Common references
Since 2014 WorkStyle

100% global design, 100% independent, created in 1998 by Olivier Saguez, the agency has mastered all fields of Useful Design.  Based on the definition of a common thread, Saguez & Partners works in eight major areas of expertise - Strategy Design, Identity Design, Product Design, Design Service, Environmental Design, Architectural Design, Retail Design, Workstyle Design - to create an obvious coherence between the value of image and the use value of its projects.

The global design consultancy has 150 employees, including 16 partners, who have imagined their future place to Work Differently and live better together: in the new Manufacture Design, with its school and restaurant open onto the city and life, the agency sets itself at the heart of its customers and subjects, today and tomorrow.

Common references
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